Currently, with good product quality, variety of designs and reasonable prices, products ordered from Japan are increasingly popular. That is why many shops in Vietnam that specialize in Japanese hand-carried goods are opening more and more to meet consumers. However, many shops have opened, making customers wonder where to buy to ensure domestic products. In the article below, we will provide the fastest, most reliable, and cheapest service to order Japanese goods to Vietnam. Let’s find out with us!

ordering Japanese goods
Ordering Japanese goods

What is the Japanese order service?

Service of ordering Japanese goods, also known as the service of buying Japanese goods. The service is to help you own products from Japan without being physically present in the country of cherry blossoms. Service of ordering Japanese goods includes buying goods with full invoices and shipping goods from Japan to Vietnam.

Purchases are made by going directly to local stores, combini to purchase products requested by customers, or buying from famous Japanese e-commerce sites

Expenses to pay when using the Japanese order service

As I shared above, the service of buying Japanese goods includes buying and transporting goods to Vietnam. Therefore, usually service units will collect 2 types of fees: purchase service fee and shipping fee from Japan to Vietnam.

Service fee for ordering Japanese goods is currently on average from 1% – 3% of the order value. The cost of shipping goods from Japan to Vietnam is not fixed but depends on each time. Ranging from 190k/kg – 220k/kg. You can refer to this fee in Bestcargo

Top 03 e-commerce websites to order Japanese products

1. Amazon Japan

Website: https://www.amazon.co.jp
Amazon is considered a huge online shopping flea market in Japan with a wide variety of items. Amazon goods are guaranteed to be safe, reputable as well as good quality. Not only that, Amazon’s customer care policies are also an important factor that is always promoted, helping you to rest assured to buy Japanese online at Amazon.

2. Japanese Rakuten

Website: https://www.rakuten.co.jp
Like Amazon, Rakuten is also a large online shopping mall with a multitude of different categories trusted by many retailers and many customers. Here you can find anything you need.

3. Japanese Kakaku

Website: http://kakaku.com/
If you need to find an address to buy domestic Japanese electronics, the Kakaku website is a prestigious address that you cannot ignore. All electronic goods such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, air conditioners, digital technology devices, etc. are updated on kakaku. You just need to type in the search item, the product will be displayed with the price from low to high

Reasons to choose Bestcargo for Japanese order service

Ordering Japanese goods
Ordering Japanese goods

Customers who choose to use the service of ordering Japanese goods to Vietnam from Bestcargo will receive great benefits. Several reasons should choose us.

Save time
Customers do not need to spend a lot of time and money going to a faraway country like Japan to immediately bring home a favorite item. You do not need to wait for relatives and friends to send goods to Vietnam.

Cost savings
The cost of transporting goods from Japan to Vietnam will be much more economical with our help. Because Bestcargo is a company specializing in transporting Vietnamese goods in two ways with the most competitive cost today. Moreover, the service fee is also extremely affordable, only 1% – 3%.

Goods are always guaranteed
For the items we receive orders from Japan, safety is always guaranteed. Before shipping, the goods are always sealed and carefully wrapped in different large and small boxes to ensure that the goods are always carefully preserved. Besides, we always classify and clearly mark each goods, making the transportation process more secure.

Coming to Bestcargo, customers can rest assured when ordering Japanese goods to Vietnam without spending too much time and shipping costs. If customers are in need as well as looking for Japanese order addresses, please contact us directly for a free consultation.