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Customs procedures in Vietnam – Bestcargo

Nội Dung Chính

Customs procedures in Vietnam with Bestcargo

When implementing the customs procedures, every person might have a different feel.

Those familiar with the clearance of goods, one day be able to return more than a dozen sets, then this job is probably as simple, ordinary.

For those who have never or just made the first shipment, anxiety is inevitable; Which is: right profile, how to declarations, customs work …

My new job exposure procedures in recent times. Indeed, I also tasted shipment anxiety when caught, were thrilled when customs GPs questioned documents, and praises smoldering when resolved glitches and release the shipment.

So I wrote this article to share information, probably still quite far from the level of guidance, or instruction. Just hope that what I have gone through and write here more or less useful for you to read.
What are the customs procedures?
Customs procedures

That is the procedure required for goods and means of transport is imported / entry into a country or export / exit out of a national border.

Example 1: when I want to put 100 tonnes of beef imported from Japan to Vietnam consumed, I have to do the customs clearance procedures for some of this beef. This case is the import of goods.

Example 2: My company bulk marine vessel operators, as ships from abroad to Haiphong port of discharge, the side I have to do the procedure with the customs office of entry to the ship. This case is the entry to the vehicles. (This article does not focus on customs procedures for vehicles Immigration).

Note: customs procedures apply only to goods & transport, does not apply to people. In Vietnam, the procedures for the entry and exit as security agencies or border guards at the gate.

Sometimes in the daily work, the problems arise when procedures or problems, I think “the price without customs procedures” or “star how much people have to do things this trouble procedures children?”.

My company has service both domestic container shipping, from Haiphong to Ho. Ho Chi Minh, or vice versa. Also the operational steps as: sales (sales), book ships, as vouchers … but kind of inland transport, nothing related to customs. And I feel quite comfortable with this domestic shipments.

With imports and exports on the other hand, customs clearance is required. In fact, this procedure to address two basic purposes as follows:

State to calculate and collect the tax. This is too important purpose answer why we have to spend too much time, how many people’s effort to solve this task.

As I watched data on news reports dated 01.02.2014 VTV1, customs service tax revenue in 2013 was 230 trillion. A huge number right? And to adopt new customs sector budgets obtained there.
To manage the goods, ensure the goods in / out Vietnam territory is not banned. You can not import ivory, guns and drugs into Vietnam; and also can not export antiques, wildlife out of Vietnam ranks the main road.

Related legal documents

Xếp hàng lên tàu vận chuyển đi Campuchia
Xếp hàng lên tàu vận chuyển đi Campuchia

When do these complex procedures, the most important is to know the grounds for orientation. If you rent the unit as customs services, they will advise you. Otherwise you should also learn the basic legal documents relating to the customs field:

Customs Act 2005; 2014 (effective from 01/01/2015)
Decree 154/2005 / ND detail Customs Act 2005;
Circular 38/2015 / TT-BTC guiding the customs procedures (replacing Circular 128/2013 / TT-BTC and 194/2010 / TT-BTC)
Circular 22/2014 / TT-BTC of electronic customs procedures (replacing Circular 196/2012 / TT-BTC

See the list of customs legislation important

In this article, I did not quote the contents of the legislation, which try to express their discretion understand.

In case you are looking for information, official documents, the following sites will definitely help you:

The library of law
General Department of Customs
Dong Nai Customs

The steps of customs procedures

The work to be done by shippers and customs officials is different. The procedure is somewhat different for different types of export (business, outsourcing, investment, production for export, temporary import for re-export, transshipment, etc …)

Here, for simplicity, I just focus on the work of the customs declaration for the type of business integration.

With the other type, the basic steps are very similar as the type of business, and supplemented by the peculiarities of each type.

When the customs procedures, the declaration (shippers, customs agents, customs brokers or) perform the following basic steps:
1. Fill in and submit the customs declaration

The customs declaration shall be made in the prescribed form. Previously printed handwritten form. Now most of the Departments have moved to fill in and submit the declaration in the form of e-customs.

From May 4/2014, the customs authorities have begun applying new VNACCS system and declaration form also varies widely.
2. Get ramification results

After obtaining the results from part flow system, you do the next step:
green Lane

Blue luck! But there are two cases: Green conditional and unconditional.

Green unconditionally: In theory, you just down load ports, without having to do anything further. However, in practice in the department in Haiphong, I see people out there still have to print out the signature and seal of the shippers. Then bring the paper to obtain declarations of customs confirm receipt, then the pickup port procedures (change order in the port, the port customs yard sign). Ie the working steps still do similar declarations gold flows, there is time for receiving and examining the customs stamp will be faster (provided that the information they return no matter what).
Conditional green: must present additional supporting documents such as date certificate of origin (C / O), paper quality control (eg phytosanitary), paper taxpayer … With green channel type this, surely you must go to the customs department to carry out the procedures.

Amount of gold

You must present the paper records, including those documents as:

Customs declaration
Commercial invoice
Other documents: C / O, quality control …

According to Circular 38, the customs records simpler, without the contract of sale and packaging details.

Procedures like green channel described above is conditional.

Details on customs records & procedures, you can refer to:

Article 16 of Circular 38/2015 / TT-BTC.
Customs records electrical test, see also Article 8 of the Circular 22/2014 / TT-BTC

Red channel

To check the actual goods after checking paper records. This is the highest level of inspection, to do more procedures and cost, time and effort for both shippers and customs.
Inspection of imported goods

First of all, you still have to have the record as gold flows above. After receiving approval customs records, the team will switch to inspect the goods. You sign up to inspect the goods, the port down procedures inspection of goods brought into the area, then contact customs officials to check procedures.

There are two chemical forms of control: control by scanners (check soi), and check manually. In one case, the customs check suspicious scanners to check manually for open container (so tired and expensive!).

After the inspection is complete, customs officers will do about Sub procedures necessary: goods inspection records. If ok, would peel declaration procedure is finished.
3. Paying taxes

Pay tax preparer and financial performance of obligations prescribed: paid immediately, grace, bank guarantee …

See more about import tax

Ideally, you should follow the rules, and prepare complete set of documents, valid. Thus, the time will be quicker procedures, and customs officials will be less questioned.

If you think that these steps are complicated, or not want to take much time of customs procedures, you may want to use the services of my company. Please contact me at this website, or send a quote request service. Hopefully we can resolve your concerns.
Places procedures

You can do the customs clearance procedures at border customs Sub-Department (international seaports, international airports …) or the customs sub-department outside the gate (inland ports).

For example, in Haiphong, I can cleared at Dinh Vu Agency of Customs Region 1, machining Investment … (Details of the customs sub-department under the Department of Hai Phong).

If you are in Hanoi, can clearance at My Dinh ICD

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