Air transportation services

Air transportation services

Nội Dung Chính

Air transportation services with low freight, high speed.

With over 200 national agents, Bestcargo provide air transport services with good quality, low freight to you.

Air transportation services
Air transportation services

Bestcargo are agents of many airlines such as

Vietnam Airlines (VN), Japan Air (JAL), Vietjet Air VJ), Asiana Airlines (OZ). Thai Airways (TG), Area Flot, China Airlines (CI), Emirate Airways (Ek) …

Benefits when using air transportation services of Bestcargo:

  • Price competition
  • Shipping schedules to ensure
  • Provide timely, accurate information
  • Combine other services such as customs declaration, shipping and delivery.
  • To ensure safety in the entire cargo process.
  • Air transportation services available at the airport:

Air transportation services at all the airports:

Noi Bai International Airport, Vinh, Da Nang and Tan Son Nhat. Singapore Changi Airport, Incheon Airport, Munich Airport, Tokyo, Haneda, Hong Kong Airport, Centrair Airport, Zurich Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Kansai Airport, Doha Hamad Airport, Narita Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol, Vancouver Airport, Helsinki Airport, Beijing Capital Airport, Brisbane Airport, Copenhagen Airport, Taiwan Taoyuan Airport, Sydney Airport, Kuala Lumpur Airport, Melbourne Airport, Dubai Airport, Vienna Airport, Paris CDG Airport, Bangkok, Dusseldorf Airport, San Francisco Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport, London City Airport, Bahrain Airport, Moscow Domodedovo, Mumbai Airport, Delhi Airport, Shenzhen Airport, Guangzhou Airport, the Detroit Airport, Guangzhou Airport, Luxembourg Airport …

Air transport services
Air transport services

Air transport services of Bestcargo serving all kinds of goods:

  • General cargo. Includes: dry goods, household appliances, groupage, personal goods. Courier clothing, footwear, cosmetics, medicine, sound system, guitar, musical instruments. Gift courier, head lion dance drums, lacquer, oil paintings, dried fish, dried squid. Courier worship, chopsticks cups, candy, sagging ratings, handbags, bridal gowns, wedding dresses, album. Courier conditioning, induction cooker, infrared stove, phone, tablet, tablet, smart watches. Courier toys, formula, gifts, gifts, souvenirs …
  • Perishable goods: chocolate, fruit, vegetables, eggs hatching, meat, vaccine plant, sera, frozen items, …
  • Live animals: live animal care, pet, pets, ornamental animals. Includes: dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, hamsters, squirrels, birds. Courier turtles, crocodiles, turtles, ostrich, whales, civet cats, skunks, hyenas …
  • Dangerous goods: explosives without significant risk. Parts of aircraft, flammable solids, substances can burn. Courier some radioactive materials, motorcycles, dry ice … Courier dangerous goods IATA DGR follow current. The packaging, marking, labeling and packaging must comply with the IATA DGR current.
  • Wet goods: eel, beef, liquid in the containers, frozen food, frozen fish, seafood, … The signs, labels must be affixed / 2-sided printing on at least, signs pointing to durable color (red or black) in accordance with IATA.
  • High-value goods: precious metals, gold, silver, diamonds, bank notes, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones …
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    Enjoying air transportation services with cheap freight, fast speed Bestcargo.

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