Export market orientation of Vietnam in 2016

Export market orientation of Vietnam in 2016

Nội Dung Chính

Export market orientation of Vietnam in 2016


During the first 6 months of preliminary 2015 in Vinh Long – Vietnam, Trade Promotion Bureau oriented national trade promotion program in 2016, a number of export-oriented to the following target markets:


For the Asian market:

Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Australian exports of key commodities including seafood, fruits and vegetables, coffee, cashew nuts, rice, confectionery and animal feed ingredients , chemical products, fertilizer types, plastics, rubber, bags, wood and wood products, textiles, footwear, ceramic products, glass types, steel …

For the EU:

As a large economy with over 20 member countries and accounted for 20% of global GDP, the EU’s import market has huge purchasing power and diversity. Demand forecasts for the whole EU imports will continue to grow at 5-6% in the next 2 years.

Particularly the Eastern European countries forecast will tend to reduce imports in 2015 and again in 2016. The only increase export products include textiles key, footwear, coffee, pepper, cashew nuts, restaurant seafood, handbags, wood, plastic products, wood, ceramics, steel, rubber, candy, fruit and vegetable, tea ….


Russia and Eastern European countries

in 2014, Russia has imposed a ban on imports many goods from the EU and the United States and some East European neighbors, including vegetable items, seafood. This is a good opportunity for Vietnam to increase exports of these commodities to Russia. But Vietnam enterprises should pay attention to the problems of exchange rate risk due to the instability of the Russian economy.

For African markets:

export-oriented goods in the countries: South Africa, Angola, Egypt, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Morocco and Cameroon; West Asia concentrate exports to the UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel; South Asia focused on the Indian market and Bangladesh:

US Markets:

Vietnam among 15 countries most exported to the US market. In 2015 this market had forecast continued stable demand for goods of Vietnam.

Latin American markets:

Vietnam has trade relations with all 33 countries and territories in the region of Latin America. 2014 exports to this market reached $ 4.7 billion, up 36.8% compared to 2013, imports reached $ 4.8 billion, an increase of 44.9%.

The key markets of Vietnam in this area are the growth rate is quite high trade turnover, except for Panama, while 3-scale market trade reached over $ 1 billion as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

The main export products in this market include footwear, seafood, rice, textile products, coffee, rubber, equipment and electronic components, machinery, furniture, …


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