Rail transport services Hanoi – Da Nang

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Rail transport services Hanoi – Da Nang with cheap frieght, good quality

Thanks to rail system through Hanoi – Da Nang, Bestcargo provides railway transport services Hanoi – Da Nang with cheap, high volume and fast. Rail transport is at least affected by weather conditions, well organised, high speed over long distances. This method of transportation is also suitable for bulky and heavy goods, cheap, safe with large capacity.

Rail transport services Hanoi – Da Nang served at all the station:

Bestcargo supplies rail transport service at all the stations in Hanoi and Da Nang, including:

In Hanoi: Van Dien, Giap Bat, Ha Noi (Hang Co), Long Bien, Gia Lam. Yen Vien, Dong Anh, Co Loa, Trung Giã Railway Station.

In Danang: Hai Van Nam, Lien Chieu, Kim Lien, Thanh Khe, Da Nang, Le Trach Railway Station.

Rail transport service
Rail transport service

Rail transport service serving all kinds of goods:

Transporting fresh flowers, fruit, apricot. Stereos, amplifiers, bicycles, electric bicycles, organ, above guitar.Goi, Kymdan mattress. Sugar cane juice machine. Drum lion dance, dragon dance started. Dried shrimp, dried fish, dried squid. Rattan furniture. Clothing, shoes, bags. Food, food. God statue. .

Transport of cars, motorcycles, machine. Cattle (buffalo, cow ..). Raw iron and steel, chemicals, rubber, livestock, fertilizer, bulky and heavy goods, steel, wood, coal,…

Rail transport services provide flexible forms:

Bestcargo supplies flexible services for rail transport, meets all the demands.

  • Transporting goods from station- station, warehouse-warehouse, station-warehouse, warehouse-station
  • LCL, FCL transportation, container from the North – South and vice versa.
  • Multimodal transport
  • Storage and delivery goods.
  • Door to door services

Benefits of using rail transport services by Bestcargo:

  • Cost savings
  • Stable freight
  • Ensure safety of goods
  • Flexibility with a variety of services
  • Large capacity
  • High speed over long distances

Rail transport services Hanoi – Da Nang Bestcargo cheap.

Bestcargo commit to supplying excellent services with lowest freight by experienced and professional staff.

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