Import and export services in Lang Son Border of Bestcargo JSC

Nội Dung Chính

Import and export services in Lang Son Border of Bestcargo JSC.

Bestcargo JSC is the leading company specializing in the field of customs declaration, freight forwarders. 

We have qualified, professional staff, good at foreign languages, computer science , there are many important relationships which helps shipment clearance for fast, efficient, cost reduced.

* Purpose of operation:

– Prestige First, customers will be satisfied with the quality of service.

– Competitive prices, reasonable and efficient.

– Profit, the effectiveness of customer top priority.

* The following services:

+ Export trustee.

+ Customs declaration

+ Import and export license types.

+ Certificate of origin (C / O)

+ Logistics trucking, rail, sea and air.

We provide Ex- Import services of professional -service

* The site of the Customs declaration services:

+ Customs Department Huu Nghi border gate – Lang Son

+ Border customs Branch Railway Station Dong Dang – Lang Son

+ Tan Thanh Customs Department – Lang Son

+ Coc Nam Customs Department – Lang Son

+ Customs Department Lang Son border gate

+ Technical Customs Team Na Nua, Na Hinh – Lang Son

+ The location at the Customs Department of Ha Noi, Hai Phong

Very honored to serve you!



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